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Flavoured Black Teas
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All natural flavoured black teas with fruits and flowers.

All natural flavoured black teas with fruits and flowers.

Pomegranate 100gr/4oz.
Pomegranate 250gr/8oz.
Pomegranate 500gr/1lb.
Pomegranate 50gr/2oz.
Prince of Wales 100gr/4oz.
Prince of Wales 250gr/8oz.
Prince of Wales 500gr/1lb.
Prince of Wales 50gr/2oz.
Prince Vladimir 100gr/4oz.
Prince Vladimir 250gr/8oz.
Prince Vladimir 500gr/1lb.
Prince Vladimir 50gr/2oz.
Pumpkin Pie 100gr/4oz.
Pumpkin Pie 250gr/8oz.
Pumpkin Pie 500gr/1lb.
Pumpkin Pie 50gr/2oz.
Raspberry 100gr/4oz.
Raspberry 250gr/8oz.
Raspberry 500gr/1lb.
Raspberry 50gr/2oz.
Rose Conguo 100gr/4oz.
Rose Conguo 250gr/8oz.
Rose Conguo 500gr/1lb.
Rose Conguo 50gr/2oz.
Spiced Pear 100gr/4oz.
Spiced Pear 250gr/8oz.
Spiced Pear 500gr/1lb
Spiced Pear 50gr/2oz.
Strawberry Cream 100gr/4oz.
Strawberry Cream 250gr/8oz.
Strawberry Cream 500gr/1lb.
Strawberry Cream 50gr/2oz.
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