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Masala Chai Organic Tea
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In many parts of the world the word "Chai" literally means tea but for us in North American it is a Spiced tea originally from India. Our chai teas are mixed with organic fresh whole spices; we do a variety of different blend in Assam black teas, Rooibos, Honeybush and Yerba Mate. The base of our spice are always cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cracked pepper and cardamom to which we add different igridence to give a new twist on an old classic.

These teas can be served with milk, rice milk, soy or even almond milk add honey or sugar or just drink as is. Hot or Cold these teas are just delicious.

Note: All prices in Canadian Dollars
Bombay Spice 100gr/4oz.
Bombay Spice 250gr/8oz.
Bombay Spice 500gr/1lb.
Bombay Spice 50gr/2oz.
Masala Chai 100gr/4oz.
Masala Chai 250gr/8oz.
Masala Chai 500gr/1lb.
Masala Chai 50gr/2oz.
Masala Chai Mix 100gr/4oz.
Masala Chai Mix 250gr/8oz.
Masala Chai Mix 500gr/1lb.
Masala Chai Mix 50gr/2oz.
Masala Coconut Chai 100gr/4oz.
Masala Coconut Chai 250gr/8oz.
Masala Coconut Chai 500gr/1lb.
Masala Coconut Chai 50gr/2oz.
Masala Coconut Chocolate Chai 100gr/4oz.
Masala Coconut Chocolate Chai 250gr/8oz.
Masala Coconut Chocolate Chai 500gr/1lb.
Masala Coconut Chocolate Chai 50gr/2oz.
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Note: All prices in Canadian Dollars
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